We regularly stock reclaimed scaffold boards. These are at the end of their scaffolding career but still have many uses including raised beds, shelving and furniture.

Priced at £4 per metre, we have lengths from under 1 metre up to 3.9m

All our pallet wood has had the nails or staples removed. Instead of trying to source the pallets, transport them, store them, separate them and de-nail them, we have done all that.

We stock lengths from 1m up to 3m. All the hard work has been done ready for your project. Prices depend on quality and quantity. Call or email for more information

We stock lots of other timber and wood as well as pallets, crates, doors, pallet collars and so much more. Please follow us on Facebook for the latest stock. We get new items in every day and never know what's coming.

We stock a range of sizes and lengths of reclaimed CLS. Typically in 3m lengths but these can vary. Prices start from 75p per metre so a typical 38mm x 63mm x 2400mm costs £1.80 per length.

Please call or email  for stock levels and prices 

Northamptonshire Wood Recycling 

Reclaimed Scaffold Boards

Our stock of reels is constantly changing as these are very popular. Whether you are making a garden table from a whole reel or just using the disk we have sizes from under 1m across right up to 150cm. They can be easily separated so 1 reel gives you 2 disks. We stock solid timber or the small ply ones just right for kids table and chairs. Call, email or pop in for the latest stock

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